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Originally I brought my car to Fort Rouge Autobody for a bumper repair as part of an autopac claim. It was months later that someone got out of their car to tell me that my rear brake lights were probably wired incorrectly. (I'm the only person using the car - It would be easy for me to miss). FRAC was the last/only shop performing work on my vehicle's rear end. So I called Fort Rouge and told them about the issue. The service manager, Mike, was able to look at my vehicle the next morning. While correcting the taillight connection also replaced one of my bulbs free of charge, something I've very appreciative of.

Winnipeg Gal

6 months ago

Thank you guys for dealing with me and my multiple phone calls and back and forth emails. You are absolutely wonderful to deal with. Side story: I had originally went to Birchwood in Pointe West to get my BMW repaired. They were not the greatest communicators. I had to wait weeks of them just wasting time on my claim. Turns out they were arguing about 0.4 hours of labor pay with my Ontario Insurance. I would have happily just give them that out of pocket just to avoid that time wasted. Eventually i gave up when i had my phone calls and emails never returned for about a week and a half and decided to go to Fort Rouge. Birchwood tried to get me to come back after i had fired them. I explained to them,"if you cant answer your phone or emails now when i haven't given you my car, what would i be expecting when i do give you my car for repairs.! no thanks!!" Franca and her team worked quickly to contact my insurance in Ontario - she approved the costs, booked me in for the repairs. and literally had it done within 9 business days!!!! I couldn't have been any more happier with the repairs and the turn around time. Even when they took the car apart, they noticed some internal damage, and she was able to get that all approved by the insurance and fixed on the car within those 9 days! The repairs look fantastic - in fact, my bumper looks pristine!!! They buffed out some scuffs i had on my back bumper at no charge and i could not have been any more pleased with the level of service and work done to my car! thanks guys!!

Sk Bee

6 months ago

This dealership is owned and staffed by very honest and caring people.

James Poulin

11 months ago

Great and magnificent experience with them at the body shop and repair!! I gave them my 2019 VW to get fixed, and they provided me with not 1 but 2 rental cars when I wanted to change the first one they gave me. They were more than accommodating and understanding, they fixed my car extremely fast, cleaned it up inside and out! Wonderful experience with staff also!

Mina youssef

a year ago

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